5 Recommended Items to Always Carry: Monster Hunter Generations


Before you go out on a mission to slaughter (or get slaughtered by) a monster, you need to load up on supplies. There are several items that you MUST have with you on every mission (potions, steaks, ect). On the other hand, there are several items that you can manage without, but I HIGHLY recommend that you bring these with you on just about every mission you go out on.

1. Lifepowder

We all have that one buddy that goes out on missions with us, who is too prideful to take instruction and tips from us but constantly find himself getting slapped around. So of course he didn’t listen when you told him that a Zenogre is very dangerous when its’ back is glowing.  Now he’s trapped in the corner dazed with one hit away from dying and you noticed that the Zinogre is about to do his backflip tail attack.

Lifepowder heal everyone on your team a fair amount when used so it is good to have on you at all times, especially when out with other hunters. It allows you to heal them at times when they are not able to heal themselves. You can also carry these to heal your Palico’s as well.

2. Ancient Potions

Ancient Potions fully restores Health and maximizes the size of your Health and Stamina Gauges. These Potions are good to get full Health Gauge at the start of the Mission or after you faint and need to rebuild your Health Gauge back to full. It also is good to use in clutch situations where you need to regain lots of health quickly.

3. Bombs

If you and your team brought bombs, you could do some serious damage to monsters; especially if someone has a sleep element to their weapon. If you have not seen my post which included a breakdown of how much damage bombs actually do, check it out here. You should aim to always bring Barrel Bomb L+.

4. Dung Bombs

Yes, those poop bombs. Early game you may not need them as much but once you start getting into those harder missions, they become essential. These bombs are used to chase away monsters to a different area and as we know, it is extremely annoying when we go on a mission to hunt a Najarala and  a Deviljho comes in to crash the party. These type of encounters happen frequently in later missions. Also, Dung bombs can be used while pinned by a monster to immediately get them off.

5. Farcaster

A Farcaster simply sends you instantly back to base but you can actually use this as a defensive item. In clutch situations where you’re about to die and a monster is going crazy all around you, you can drop it and get out that situation. In a lot of cases, if you complete the sub quest for that quest, more items spawn in the box at the home base and you can take a free trip back using a Farcaster.

These items I highly recommend any hunter, regardless of what weapon you wield, to always carry on their being.


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