How To Get Brigade Layered Armor Set


Brigade Layered Armor

If you don’t know what layered armor is then check out my post on how to get the Dante layered armor. I briefly go over the purpose of layered armor at the beginning of that post. If you do know about layered armor then here’s how to get the Brigade layered armor set.

(Only have female version, sorry!)

There are two materials that you will need to deliver to the Resource center to unlock this layered set.

  1. Hunter King Coin
  2. High Commendation

You will need 5 of each of these. Once you collect the necessary materials just deliver them to the Resource Center and you will unlock the armor set.

Hunter King Coin

To get Hunter King Coin you will have to complete Arena quest in the Gathering Hub. You can get them by completing Arena quest 4,5,6 or 7. You may not always get one after completing the quest so if you don’t just keep trying.

High Commendations

You can get High Commendation by completing Optional Quest. All the quest that you can receive them from are as follows:

    • Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel (8★)
    • A Wound and a Thirst (8★)
    • Hellish Fiend (8★)
    • Teostra the infernal(8★)
    • A Blaze on the Sand (8★)
    • A Portent of Disaster (8★)
    • Lightning Strikes Twice (8★)
    • Stirrings from the Grave (8★)
    • The Eater of Elders (8★)
    • Hellfire’s Stronghold (8★)
    • The Winds of Wrath Bite Deep (8★)
    • A light Upon the River’s Gloom (8★)
    • Keeper of the Otherworld (9★)

I recommend doing the Eater of Elders quest if you have fighting Nergigante down to a science like I do. It should be quick in that case. If you are just starting out then chances are you don’t have most (if any) of these quest unlocked yet.

If you don’t see the delivery request in the Resource Center then try completing some Arena quest first in the Gathering Hub. Then try completing one of the optional quest listed above. If that doesn’t work then there’s a chance you may need to reach hunter rank 50 first to unlock it.

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